Profound Elation

Incinerate me with your fierce ardor
Dissolve your very being into me
We’ll converge and detonate
Into a state of bliss
Your osculations are exceptionally pleasurable
As I liquefy and flow into your veins
To forever be in your heart literally
Intaking your ambiance straight to my brain
Seeping into your arms like molten wax
Endeavoring to extract your very essence
Longing uncontrollably for your contact
Your hand not only touches my skin
Your hands caress my heart and soul
Sending me spiraling into penetrating delight
That overcomes my senses and renders me
Susceptible to your every impulse
Which always leaves my form
Vibrating ferociously


Pleasure and Passion

Come with me my raging flame
Who envelops my very being
With your sensual love
My energy is fleeing fleeing
With every brush of your lips
Rummaging through my soul
With your seductive eyes
My passion you unfold
Press your body to mine
We melt vehemently into each other
As we roll and we rub
Any doubts we will smother
My body is aching for every touch
As you are craving my passion
I’ll let go for you my love
For this is beyond physical attraction
Licking my back up and down
As I moan out of pure pleasure
Then you enter ummmmm
And discover my treasure
You are my first and last
Another man can’t tear us apart
You’re my body’s every craving
And your name is branded on my heart

Oh Sweet Love

Oh the sweet whispers
Of love’s gentle tunes
Filling the ears of lovers
Beating hearts rapid rhythms
Flow so freely
So brightly
Upon adoration’s frequencies
Doves hover over newlyweds heads
So white as in pure
Love unfeigned
Streaming through veins
Veins of rivers flow
Love’s sweet nectar
Lips Tasting
Thirsts are quenched
With oh sweet love


I’m so afraid to close my eyes
Afraid of what I’ll see
Haunted by shadows
That’s always out to get me
Coffee energy drink
Anything to stay awake
Scared fear terrified
This I cannot take
I hear voices calling me
I try to stop my ear
It seems like it’s in my head
Many different voices is what I hear
Pills in one hand
Gun in the other
I can’t go on like this
Every noise makes me shudder
Body becoming weak
From a lack of sleep
Eyes pain stakingly red
As those shadows creep

My Sweet Indulgence

Sail away with me my sweet indulgence
Where we can be alone
We’ll paint our names in mid air
Because with our love
We can do anything
We’ll run together across the mountain tops
We’ll leap from the tallest hills
We’ll touch the bottom of the sea
Only to emerge into space
My love….my lover….my sweet indulgence

My Love Is Like

My love is like…..
An endless river that flows
My love is like…..
An oak tree that forever grows
My love is like…..
The depths of an ocean…so deep
My love is like…..
A free fall from a mountain’s high leap
My love is like…..
An erupting volcano
My love is like…..
Many colors like the rainbow
My love…..My love is

My Beauty Still Shows

Oh this skin of mine
So silky and so smooth
Deep reddish brown
Stares it ensues
These eyes of mine
So deep and so brown
Don’t stare too long
Or in love you will drown
This hair…this hair of mine
So curly, black, and fine
I am like a portrait
That no one can define
Do I have a big ego?
I’d have to say no
Just because some doesn’t like my color
Does not mean my beauty does not show
I will always and forever love me
Even if others don’t
Just because you don’t
Don’t mean others won’t